Brawl Stars Barley Guide

In this blog we will talk about Brawl Stars’ area dominant Brawler Barley. Although Barley is a rare champion, it’s pretty easy to get. Let’s take a look at this crazy shooter. Let the Barley Guide Begin!

Barley makes it easy to control the map with long range shots.

Barley attacks his enemies by throwing bottles, fluids from the broken bottle damage enemies per second and this damage area is effective. The speed of these bottles on the map is 2.5 frames per second.

Barley’s super strength is Last Call. Barley throws a very focused burning bottle in this attack and burns a zone.

Barley’s star power is Medical Use. Barley ragains 200 health from each main attack.

Barley’s Health score and damage per second (by level);

  Level           Health           Damage per second
1 2400 600
2 2520 630
3 2640 660
4 2760 690
5 2880 720
6 3000 750
7 3120 780
8 3240 820
9 3360 850

●Barley is unfortunately not a suitable character to play in every map and mode. When selecting Barley, be sure to hide behind the map you played, and there are ways to disturb your opponent and cut through.

●I do not recommend you to play in reckoning mode due to your health score. You can choose this brawler according to the map of the day in other modes.

●Don’t hesitate to use your Super Power when your competitors are gathered together. Don’t forget that your next Super power will be ready more faster damage. So you can leave your opponents breathless by using your superpower in a row.

That’s all for now. We wish you all a pleasant game.

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