Balance Changes (On Brawlers)

Coming a big update to the Brawl stars in the coming days.
In this rooted update, many characters will be reshaped.

The most outstanding of these is undoubtedly, Leon
This brawler will be destroyed with new patch btw Barley will be strengthened.We all know how much I love Barley 😛

Let’s look at the innovations that come:

Brawler Balance:

●Increased Star Power Healing from 300 to 500

●Increased Star Power Damage per second from 240 to 300

●Decreased Star Power visibility ranfe from 6 tiles to 4 tiles
●Increased Main attack damage from 420 to 480

El Primo-
●Inscreased Star Power Damage from 600 to 800

Barley(my favorite one :P)-
●Increased Star Power Healin from 200 to 300
●Increased Main attack damage per second from 600 to 640
●Increased Super damage per secon from 480 to 640
●When throing the Super close to Barley the spread of the bottles in now much larger. Also the damage from the Super’s different bottles do not stack anymore.

●Increased Star Power Healing from 400 to 500

●Inscreased Star Power shield protection from 30% to 40%
●Increased Main attack damage per shell from 26o to 280

●Increased Star Power Pet damage from 200 to 400
●Increased Per health from 2000 to 2400

Leon- (will be destroyed i think)
●Decreased Super invisibility time from 10 seconds to 8 seconds
●Decreased manin attack damage from 500 to 460 (at close range)

●Increased Main attacl and Super damage from 800 to 900
●Star power no longer leaves a green skull, insread when Mortis defeats a Brawler he instantly gains 1800 health.

●Star Power no longer leaves a purple skull, instead when Frank defeats a Brawler he instantly gains a buff that increases his damage bt 40% for 10 seconds

●Increased Main attack damage from 280 to 300

These were the innovations coming to the fighters, in next blog we will talk about game mode changes.
Thanks for reading.

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